5 New Patterns Added to NuMetal Collection

5 New Patterns Added to NuMetal Collection

Five new patterns have been added to ATI’s NuMetal collection and are available for immediate fulfillment.

Your regional sales representative can assist in providing additional details, as well as review specifications and provide samples specific to any pending projects you may have. Unsure of the best contact person? Call us at 866-755-4527 and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you happen to have a NuMetal Architectural Display Board, you may want to check out a brief video previewing the recent changes.

Updates for the NuMetal Display Board are 100% free until June 30, 2014, so act today for timely fulfillment.*

For immediate distributor support, or to request the display board/chip chain updates,
please click on the link below to fill out the contact form.



LAX Flies First Class with GlasPro

April 2014

 LAX Flies First Class with GlasPro

Fabrication Excellence at New International Terminal

Los Angeles, CA

At over 60,000 total square feet, the interior glass elements of the Los Angeles International Airport Terminal represent a significant achievement in both quantity and quality of fabrication for GlasPro. Over-sized lites in excess of 76” x 145” in coordination with a stringent production and delivery schedule made this such an amazing collaborative achievement.

This challenging undertaking demanded a high level of technical aptitude and logistical innovation. More than 530 panels that were used as handrails, jumbo partitions and storefronts required immaculate flat-polishing with many calling for extensive fabrication of specialized cut-outs and holes. Movement and delivery of this much glass was accomplished via specialized packing procedures and the coordination of off-hour deliveries.

GlasPro was able to meet each challenge the LAX International Terminal project presented with unique and beautiful solutions. The size and scale of this job is yet another example of the fabrication excellence we have come to expect from GlasPro.

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For more information about GlasPro and this press release, please contact:

Marc Bennett

posted Danny Yehia

Introducing Johnson Screens® architectural stainless steel

Introducing Johnson Screens® architectural stainless steel Vee-Wire®screens and woven wire mesh combine functionality with high aesthetic features; a combination which opens new perspectives to creative design and allows for fascinating architectural solutions that can be specialized to suit most projects.


Our unique architectural screens can be used in endless applications, including:

  • Column covers
  • Custom lighting
  • Exterior applications
  • Interior applications
  • Grating
  • Wall cladding
  • More…

We will work with you from concept to delivery, ensuring the finest quality products and services. Browse through our various product offerings to learn more or e-mail us