Danny Yehia – GlasPro Flooring & Stairs – QUALITY IS THE FIRST STEP

GlasPro Flooring & Stairs


With over fifty years experience in glass flooring fabrication, GlasPro has the technology and expertise to execute cutting edge designs in high-quality flooring and stair systems.  We specialize in producing custom floors and stairs which are as beautiful as they are durable.  Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, GlasPro is able to combined carved and non-slip ceramic surfaces with a variety of colors, textures and translucencies to create a look that is perfect for each space while providing all the strength and safety features required.

Telus Bridge – Vancouver B.C – The glass bridge in the new courtyard for Telus, was developed using the GlasPro Color Toolbox.  The custom color in combination with a custom textured glass surface creates an arresting focal point within this elegant space.