GlasPro Expands Color Toolbox™

GlasPro Expands Color Toolbox™

Building on the success of the Color Toolbox™ color matching system, GlasPro has added eleven new color options to the pallet, now giving you a total of 35 basic colors and endless combinations of custom colored glass. Control of custom color development is easy with the palette of standard color layers provided. Simply combine layers to produce your own unique color and translucency. Ideal for retail and commercial applications, the GlasPro Color Toolbox™ puts the creative initiative in the hands of the designer. All colored glass is available as transparent, translucent or opaque.

For a limited time, the Color Toolbox™ is available free to qualified architectural and design firms.

To learn more about the GlasPro Color Toolbox™, as well as our many other capabilities and products, please visit our website SURFACE-PRODUCTS.COM

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