Danny Yehia

Danny Yehia attended SFU and BCIT where he studied business and management. Since graduating college, Danny has been in the glass industry. After landing a job at National Glass (a company his father, Zaki, started in 1959), Danny Yehia has been with the company for the last 27 years. Danny quickly moved up at National Glass; currently, Danny is a director for the company.

Danny originally served as National Glass’ Director of Marketing from 1988-1997. During that time, Danny marketed high performance glass products to the architecture and design community. Since 1997, Danny has been a Board Member at National Glass.

In 1999, Danny Yehia became an independent business owner in association with Excel Communications. Here, he served as the Executive Director – managing a large organization of independent business owners who were selling telecom services throughout North America.

While working with Excel Communications for several years, Danny Yehia also worked as a consultant in the glass industry. He had always been interested in decorative glass and resin – eventually, he wanted to turn this passion into a career of its own. In July of 2010, Danny launched his own company – Surface Products, Inc. (formerly GNAT)

At Surface Products, Danny Yehia serves as the Director of Sales. Surface Products is a supplier of decorative glass, high-pressure laminate, polycarbonate, resin and 3D thermoplastic materials. These materials can all be customized in a variety of different colors, textures and finishes – making its products perfect for any project. Surface Products also markets COXusa Divider hardware throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

While Danny runs his own business, he is also the Managing Director at Moov Inc. Moov provides vendors with knowledge of businesses that are moving into the area and expanding their opportunities for business ventures. This allows vendors to increase revenues while reducing costs and improving efficiency by finding potential customers for their business. Danny Yehia founded Moov in 2011 with his business partner located in the Phillipines.

Danny Yehia specializes in sales, sales management, educational training and marketing.

Danny’s first project was a commercial building in Seattle – since then, he has found that starting and running his own company has been a “difficult but fun and rewarding experience.” His most difficult project? A huge commercial building was one that almost killed Danny.

Danny Yehia said that “some luck, hard work and securing unique building materials” are reasons as to why his business has been so successful. Also, Danny noted that Surface Products strives to be very customer centric. Their mission is to cater to the designs of each individual project.

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