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National Glass is excited to be introducing DIVIDERS by coxusa at the upcoming Buildex 2014 show at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. (February 19th & 20th)

DIVIDERS by coxusa – Contemporary hardware design that is relevant to today’s urban living.  Cox dividers provide flexibility in residential/commercial design for new and remodeled construction projects. Website is

National Glass is the exclusive distributors of DIVIDERS by coxusa in Canada.

Come by our booth #1422 and check out the latest innovations!

Contact for free admission.

Its here… DIVIDERS by COXusa website is up and running…..

It is with much excitement that we announce the DIVIDERS website is now up and running. This has been quite a collaborative effort and to all who provided input we greatly appreciate your time and effort.

The web address is

Please note that the contact page is yet to be completed. This page will be completed to include your company by the first of next week.

Thank you and happy surfing!

Danny Yehia – GlasPro Flooring & Stairs – QUALITY IS THE FIRST STEP

GlasPro Flooring & Stairs


With over fifty years experience in glass flooring fabrication, GlasPro has the technology and expertise to execute cutting edge designs in high-quality flooring and stair systems.  We specialize in producing custom floors and stairs which are as beautiful as they are durable.  Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, GlasPro is able to combined carved and non-slip ceramic surfaces with a variety of colors, textures and translucencies to create a look that is perfect for each space while providing all the strength and safety features required.

Telus Bridge – Vancouver B.C – The glass bridge in the new courtyard for Telus, was developed using the GlasPro Color Toolbox.  The custom color in combination with a custom textured glass surface creates an arresting focal point within this elegant space.


Commercial/Residential /Architectural

National Glass is a one of the largest Independent glass wholesalers in North America-Supplying quality glass products since 1959

National Glass is the exclusive distributor of Dividers by COXUSA in the Pacific Northwest & Western Canada and the exclusive distributors of FireLite products TGP products in Western Canada.





danny yehia

Introducing Johnson Screens® architectural stainless steel

Introducing Johnson Screens® architectural stainless steel Vee-Wire®screens and woven wire mesh combine functionality with high aesthetic features; a combination which opens new perspectives to creative design and allows for fascinating architectural solutions that can be specialized to suit most projects.

Our unique architectural screens can be used in endless applications, including:

  • Column covers
  • Custom lighting
  • Exterior applications
  • Interior applications
  • Grating
  • Wall cladding
  • More…

We will work with you from concept to delivery, ensuring the finest quality products and services. Browse through our various product offerings to learn more or e-mail us